Technology is what drives us. We are truly passionate about using technology to help our clients take their business to the next level. Our philosophy on the choice of technology is very simple, to be vendor-neutral and select the "Best Technology for the job". We take great care to identify the technology stack that best suits your unique needs. In addition, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise in Open Source technologies too. Driven by our philosophy and support system, our teams strive hard to keep up-to-date with emerging technologies to provide you with the most accurate, cost effective and robust technical solutions

IP Creation

Our uniqueness is in our ability to create IP based on innovative ideas - ours and also for our partners. We strive to be competitive through our constant search for unique IP's in terms of process / methodologies / re-usability and our unique philosophy of delivering what we promise

Agile Technology Services

Our consulting footprint covers the full spectrum of your enterprise needs. Our services include Business and IT Strategy formulation and Implementation, Package Analysis, evaluation and recommendation for various business processes via CRM, SCM, SRM and HRMS. We also handle Package implementation and global rollouts. Delivery using different methodologies / practices like Theory of Constraints and Agile / RUP.

Healthcare IT Services

NthDimenzion is a premier organization with focus on Healthcare Initiatives. NthDimenzion has developed key initiatives and solutions in Healthcare as mentioned below. NthDimenzion team has domain experts to manage and execute projects on Revenue Cycle Management and ICD 9-10 Transition Services. In addition it has a full fledged team of software professionals technically qualified to execute projects in the healthcare domain.

Business and IT Consulting

Open Source Consulting Services - This service is primarily focused on leveraging Open Source solutions to enable several business processes for the SME market segment. The services are available in two models, a standard implementation and Hosted Environment.