Hospital Management

EasyHMIS provides a comprehensive package for managing the end to end operations of any Hospital. The solution framework supports In-Patient and Out-Patient administration from a clinical healthcare point of view to also enabling administrative functions of any hospital i.e Accounting, Order Management, HR & Payroll and Inventory Management. All of the above can be done through an easy to use and very intuitive web interface that seamlessly allows the user to log in just once and use all the different applications to perform his/her tasks. This solution is available in French and English, with Patient specific modules also in Arabic.

Warehouse Management

Managing a warehouse is not easy! Whether you are a manager working for a multinational or a medium sized enterprise or an independent small business operator, only you will know the challenges. The cloud WMS is a purpose built ware house management solution designed and developed by Ware house Managers. Not programmers! So you will experience features that are not commonly available in most packaged solutions

SME Business Mantra

SME Business Mantra is an integrated business solution built on a powerful Java based Platform that gives you the capabilities to IT enable your business, very rapidly at a marginal cost compared to most other products. Use Business Mantra business solutions software to automate all of your financial, distribution, sales and service processes... quickly, affordable and easily.

Medical Records Management

NthDimenzion with its vast experience in healthcare IT coupled with product development expertise has devised a comprehensive Medical Records Management solution (MRM) for hospitals that would enable hospitals to completely digitize physical patient records and enable them to access data when required.